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One of the world’s leading historical image agencies is now representing the commercial interests of the Reginald A. Malby & Co. Collection. So from now on:

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The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS)

Celebrating it’s Bicentennial in 2004, the RHS is recognised as the
oldest and mosr prestigious horticultural society in the world.

Most of the Malby Archive photography was done for the RHS for which they
recieved many accolades.




Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Represented well in it’s own collection within the Malby Archives, Kew continues to be one of the best known gardens and greenhouses in the world!




Royal Photographic Society (RPS)

The ‘FRPS’ initials after Reginald Malby’s name stood for ‘Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society’ – he had become the youngest person to be appointed into the Fellowship which still to this day is the highest Distinction of The Royal Photographic Society and recognises original work and outstanding ability in a specialist field.


The Alpine Garden Society

The A.G.S. were fans of R.A. Malby, and published a retrospective article about his influence. They often used his photos and later, Eleanor Malby was made the official in charge of illustrations for the A.G.S. Bulletin, a post she held for many years.


RPS Digital Imaging Group

The arm of the Royal Photographic Society devoted to the use of digital imaging technology.


The Magic Lantern Society

95% of the Malby Archives are in the Victorian ‘Magic Lantern’ glass slide format. These wonderful machines go back to the 1700s.


Headley Printers and Publishers

Reginald A. Malby’s publishers that still exist today of his books, such as ‘The Story of my Rock Garden’, and ‘With Camera and Rücksack in the Oberland and Valais’.


The National Trust

Many of the stately homes and Gardens featured in the Malby Archives are owned by The National Trust.



The website of the agricultural photographer Charles Sainsbury-Plaice; distant relative of R.A. Malby (Charles’ father is a Malby-Plaice). Photography is obviously in the blood!


The London Name Plate Mfg. Co. Ltd.

A company started by Thomas Malby of Malby & Sons the famous globe makers and close ancestors to Reginald Malby. The LNP is still run by Malbys today – the 7th generation since Thomas the founder.


The Malby Globes

An article about Reginald A. Malby’s predecessors, and finest globe-makers. A pair of Malby Globes recently auctioned for $100,000.

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